YupCoin gives the power to the users.

YupCoin users running a Masternode can vote on issues to determine the future of YupCoin. Have your voice be heard, and your opinion matter.

Features of YupCoin

A new block is found every two minutes. There will be infinite amount of YUP created given infinite time. Proof of Stake provides efficient, rewarding transaction processing. Zero confirmation transactions with no risk.

YupCoin the developers believe the sky is the limit.

We have a strong vision of a great future with YupCoin.


Wallets are available anytime anywhere.

Contacting YupCoin

Join the Slack page or Bitcointalk forum with any questions.

Yup Research

YupCoin Developers are constantly trying to find easier, and better ways to help YupCoin grow.

Market Value

YupCoin is projected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

Easy To Use Wallets

YupCoin wallets are available for Windows, Linux , and IOS.


Addtional privacy and securtity are available through the use of Mirage, an improved version of CoinJoin.